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New stats to runes! Changes are highlighted. These are new to each rune type.

Link to new additions to rune sets that come with the new stats.


My guild is now 2/6 GA!



I’m the yellow warrior. (Sword-mans pvp set!)

X-89 and Kuralak the Defilier down! Check out the log of the Kuralak fight http://www.wildstarlogs.com/reports/NFb46xPQfG7q1mKL

I ranked 6th for warrior tank dps, I main tanked so I had focus on my threat.


Raiding tonight!

Check out my twitch, first time raiding tonight! http://www.twitch.tv/deadmanfred

Tanking Nexus is back!

Little hiatus from updating the site dealing with attunement and gearing up. I’m 75% through silver dungeons about to start SotSM progression. I’ll  be trying to make regular posts in between raiding/attunement. Pop into my twitch channel as I will be streaming more and more.

I’ll be creating some new Dungeon guides as well as Veteran Dungeon Boss Guides. Also started work on my Dungeon Tank Builds page, check it out.

Last Ops Week

Last ops week/chance to log in before launch right now!

You can log into the character creator screen and save your character customization. Create a new character, go to customize, then make it how you want it on live. Then hit save/load character just under the Accept button. This will give you menu that has a long string of test, copy and paste into any text file.

on launch just go select your race and gender, then go to Customize> Save/load Character> copy the old code into the window> Update Character> Accept> Then just name it.

Dungeon and Adventure Buffs/Nerfs 5/28

Adventure Buffs
Riot in the Void, The Hycrest Insurrection, War of the Wilds, Crimelords of Whitevale, The Malgrave Trail
  • Increased the difficulty of many creatures back to their intended level of difficulty.

**Increase to difficulty is sure going to make the adventures a whole lot of fun!

Dungeons Buffs

Kel Voreth
Grond the Corpsemaker
  • HP increased to ~275k (Normal).
  • Bellow/Scratch Itch should occur more consistently.

Slavemaster Drokk

  • HP increased to ~150k (Normal).

Forgemaster Trogun

  • HP increased to ~185k (Normal).

**Increase to every bosses health makes the entire dungeon just that more intimidating, can you handle it?

Dungeon Debuffs

Kel Voreth
Grond the Corpsemaker
  • Mutilate timing revised – players now have more time between getting knocked back and being mauled.

Slavemaster Drokk

  • Reduced HP for Destructo bots and tethers.

**Change to Grond means that players might just have another second to get out of the way. Reduction to the bots is nice, but reduction to the tethers will be huge.

Ruins of Kel Voreth Tank Guide is up!

Check out my Kel Voreth guide with tanking in mind!

In-depth Tanking Comparison Guide is UP!

My In-depth Tanking Comparison guide is up! Comparison Guide

Buff to Normal Stormtalon’s Lair dungeon

Stephen Frost must be laughing hard now that we see buffs to Stormtalon’s Lair dungeon. (see: https://twitter.com/StephanFrost/status/463005512066281472)

Dungeons Stormtalon’s Lair

·         Normal

o   Thundercall Storm-Weaver, Sentinel Shaman: Increased AA damage.

o   Thundercall Sentinel: Increased damage of Shockwave.

·         Stormtalon

o   Changed Lightning Storm to cast for 2.25s, and then no longer channel while the bolts go out.

o   Increased Stormtalon’s health to 225k.

o   Veteran version of Lightning Storm now begins creating bolts as soon as the spell begins.

Normal mode sees a buff to the Base Population mobs, Thundercall Storm-Weaver and Sentinel, Auto-attack damage or “AA.” Shockwave is the Sentinels aoe telegraph he uses just after he jumps into the air (which can be interrupted).  The final boss, Stormtalon himself, gets a boost to his health in normal mode to 225,000 up from 170,000.

**In my opinion the Storm-weaver and Sentinel were fairly week compared to the rest of the Base Population and needed the buff. Stormtalon was also the easiest boss, and as the final boss this did seem upsetting. I’m excited to get back in there to fight him again!

Patch notes 5/21 Tanking overview

Link to full notes: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/49986-update-notes-5212014/

Looks like warriors are finally seeing some love as we see the other classes getting nerfed.



  • Now has an increased Threat Generation buff during the Tank Stance, up from 25% to 100%

To clarify “Bulwark” is the buff you gain from using the tanking stance innate, this mean as long as you stay in the tanking stance while using this 10 second buff it will be 100% additional threat. You can keep the buff (but only with the 25% increase to threat) by switching to the dps stance, but this is mostly for pvp and very situational circumstances. Hopefully this will be that threat fix warriors are looking for.


-Nano Field

  • The Tier 4+ second press no longer requires 20 Suit Power before it can be used.


  • Fixed a bug on Tier 3 that caused it to have a lower cooldown than intended.
  • Now increases Deflect Chance instead of being a forced action.
  • Reduced the base Deflect Chance to 35%, down from 60%.
  • Base Deflect Tier upgrade reduced to 2.5%, down from 5%.
  • Suit Power gained on Deflect increased to 20, up from 15.


  • Tier upgrade reduced to + 1.5% Support Power per Tier, down from 2.5% .
  • Tier 8 upgrade reduced to 1 Suit Power per tick, down from 2.

-Nano Skin now has a minor 1 second cooldown.

Small buff to Nano Field, this should let you use the 2nd press one more time if you’re spamming nano field. Steadfast met with a huge nerf; base deflect down to 35% and every tier upgrade deflect down to 2.5% is huge, more suit power gained on deflect is a small buff in comparison to what it’s losing. Whiplash losing 1% support power per tier and less suit power with the T8 upgrade is going to be minimal nerf to stalker dps, threat, and survivability.



  • Base
    • Taunt Duration is now 4 seconds, down from 8.

-Particle Ejector

  • Base
    • Now applies first tick at the half second mark, and no longer at the start of the channel.
    • 6.59 damage per level, up from 5.79.
    • 20.82% Support Power, up from 18.25%.
    • 2.11% Support Power per tier, up from 1.8%.
    • Tier 8 Bonus
      • Armor Reduction is now 20%, down from 47.5%.
    • Duration is now 0.55s to slightly overlap tick time of the channel, down from 3s.

-AMP, Enmity

  • Threat Modifier is now 25%, down from 60%.

Bruiser bot’s taunt lasting shorter means that he’s not going to able to tank for you as long. Particle Ejector is receiving a small dps buff however its T8 armor buff is being greatly reduced. Not only is it down to 20% but because of the shorter duration it will only stack for .05 seconds. the AMP Enmity taking a huge loss of threat here, this used to be ~39% threat per minute bonus now down to ~16.5% per minute.


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